Strategic provider of insurance investment solutions

A-CAP Management (ACM)

A-CAP Management “ACM” is the asset management arm of A-CAP. ACM formally launched in April 2014 as an SEC registered investment advisor. ACM Manages $1.7B of assets for A-CAP’s four insurance company affiliates and one captive.

ACM aims to provide a cost effective way for small to mid-size insurance companies to rapidly gain exposure to less liquid and new asset classes that are generally outside the scope of traditional insurance company asset managers.

Our overriding goal is to positively impact an insurance company’s financial position and support their long term stability and growth through:

  • Maintaining credit quality and matching asset liability profiles;
  • Strengthening the insurance company balance sheet;
  • Maintaining or improving return on capital;
  • Supporting long term stability and growth with acute sensitivity to insurance regulatory, accounting and capital issues;
  • Spreading cost-of-team across other similarly situated insurance companies.